Bill Maher

Big fans of the comedy scene have undoubtedly heard of Bill Maher. He’s a comedian and actor who got his earlier on-screen gigs appearing on shows such as Max Headroom, Ratboy, and Sara. Now, among other things, he takes credit for his impressive utilization of satire, so it’s no surprise he eventually landed the hosting gig for Politically Incorrect. The show won a couple of awards throughout its run, including an Emmy for Outstanding Technical Direction.

While celebrities are often followed by cameras wherever they go, it’s no secret that many stars have managed to maintain a low-key lifestyle. Such was the case for the former tennis player and her partner, the singer Enrique Iglesias. The two first met when Kournikova appeared in the music video for Iglesia’s song Escape. Since then, their relationship has grown stronger, and today, the couple is also loving parents to three kids. They don’t have plans to marry anytime soon, but they’re already pretty happy—and that’s what matters.