Female Celebrities You Didn’t Expect to be Really(Really) Tall

Some actresses are well-known for their height, such as Charlize Theron, while others, such as Kristen Bell, are well-known for their petite stature. However, the camera can add or subtract 10 pounds, as well as feet and inches.

It’s often difficult to determine the height of our favorite leading ladies when we see them on the big or small screen — that camera can do wonders! As a result, you may be surprised by how tall these high-profile celebrities are in person. It can be difficult to tell how tall an actor is unless you meet them in person, all credit to the magic of camera angles, lifts, platforms, taller actors paired with lower actors, and other tricks of the trade. It’s not just the sky-high heels; in these ladies’ cases, it’s all natural. These women were definitely blessed with the right genes!

Adriana Lima | 5’10”

Since 2003, this 5’10” beauty has been a Maybelline spokesmodel and has appeared in Super Bowl commercials. Adriana Lima’s career began when she was thirteen years old, when she won first place in a Ford Supermodel of Brazil search, and she went on to win second place in the 1996 Ford Supermodel of the World contest. Lima moved to New York City shortly after her “victory” and signed with Elite Model Management.

However, Lima’s talent and career do not end there; she also enjoys acting. Her first film credit was in the 2001 film The Follow, and she later appeared in two CBS sitcoms, How I Met Your Mother and The Crazy Ones. Lima was recently named one of the Victoria’s Secret Perfect 10 models at the highly anticipated Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Adrianne Palicki | 5’11”

Adrianne Palicki is a well-known actress in Hollywood, and for good reason. Her acting career spans a decade, and she is well-known for roles in films such as John Wick, Smallville, Friday Night Lights, and, of course, The Orville. Palicki made her film debut in 2003, playing a minor role in Rewrite. The same year, she appeared in the pilot episode of The Robinsons: Lost In Space.

The Blonde bombshell recently landed a role on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Barbara “Bobbi” Morse, but we suspect many will remember her as bad girl Tyra Collette on Friday Night Lights. Palicki’s F.N.L. co-stars were frequently prominent, muscular males, making her appear small in comparison – but this blonde babe is, to her credit, a tall drink of water at 5’11”. It has to be the air in the Midwest, where the Ohio-born homecoming queen grew up!

Aisha Tyler | 6’0″

If you’re looking for a good laugh, look no further than Aisha Tyler. The 6-foot-tall comic knows how to keep the audience laughing, whether she’s playing Lana Kane on Archer or co-hosting The Talk. She is a riot to watch and hosts the latest episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway?Tyler will be remembered by Friends fans as Ross’ (and eventually Joey’s) extremely intelligent, absolutely stunning paleontologist girlfriend. 

Her larger-than-life demeanor and contagious laugh aid in her command of the stage, but her stature also helps. Unlike many tall women, Tyler married attorney Jeff Tietjens, who is even taller than she is. Tyler wrote about her experiences growing up as a tall child in her book. She claimed to be twice the height of some of the other kids her age. It has to be her genes.

Allison Janney | 6’0″

Allison Janney is a multi-faceted performer who has appeared on stage, screen, and television. Janney is best known for her roles in American Beauty and The Girl on the Train. She stands 6 feet tall. But she will be remembered for her role as C.J. Cregg on NBC’s hit political drama The West Wing.

Janney’s work as the President’s Press Secretary was praised, and she was nominated for an Emmy Award for it. The show was a smash hit, winning three Golden Globes and 26 Emmys as well as receiving rave reviews from critics. Janney has also received acclaim for her role as Bonnie Plunket in the American television series Mom. Throughout her career, Janney has received numerous honors. She also appeared as a voice actress in the animated films Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. Her investments were, in fact, as significant as her height.

Behati Prinsloo | 5’11”

Behati Prinsloo was born in South Africa but raised in Grootfontein, Namibia.She was raised in both Afrikaans and English. Her backstory was a classic Cinderella story: she was discovered while on vacation with her grandparents in Cape Town.In 2005, she went to London to model. She drew a lot of attention and soon found herself on the runways of Milan and Paris.

She did her first Vogue photoshoot in September 2005, and the results were featured in the December issue of Vogue Italia. Prinsloo is a degree shorter than Maroon 5’s frontman at 5’11, but she is slightly taller when she wears heels. She once stated that she used to be self-conscious about her height, but that she now appreciates it. But she now appreciates her body and recognizes that everyone is unique. She adores her long legs, and we couldn’t be happier for her.

Bella Hadid | 5’9″

Bella Hadid, Gigi’s younger sister, has signed with IMG and walked the runways for Balmain, Tom Ford, Givenchy, and Chanel. As the face of Dior Parfums, Hadid’s sphinx-like beauty helped her land one of fashion’s most lucrative contracts. The model had over 25 million Instagram followers.

Hadid’s modeling career began with a commercial for Flynn Skye. She was quickly cast in several productions and worked on Chrome Hearts campaigns. She signed with IMG Models in August 2014 and made her runway debut at New York Fashion Week the following year. In the spring of 2015, she earned her prestigious degree and walked for Tom Ford, followed by Tommy Hilfiger and Marc Jacobs. She also walked the Balmain runway. This 5’9 model has a slew of modeling awards to her name. She will, indeed, rule the modeling world.

Blake Lively | 5’10”

Blake Lively is still one of the world’s most famous and well-liked actors. She’s been around for a while, appearing in films and television shows that other female actors only wish they were in. Many people recognize her as Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl, but she has done much more.

It’s difficult to believe Lively had any concerns about her appearance. She took to Instagram, however, to recall how people teased her in primary school, calling her Big Bird due to her height. She has previously stated that her height has made going on dates difficult. Lively isn’t quite as tall as her husband, Ryan Reynolds, who is obsessed with pranks. Regardless, she has no reservations about reaching for items on the top shelf. At 5 feet 10 inches, Lively is a few degrees shorter than Reynolds.

Brigitte Nielsen | 6’1″

Brigitte Nielsen is an action star who has appeared in movies such as Red Sonja, Cobra, and Beverly Hills Cop 2. Her former husband, Sylvester Stallone, is 3 inches shorter than the Danish actress. Nielsen, like many other model-turned-actresses, is quite tall, standing at an impressive 6 ‘1.

Her exploits were widely publicized in the entertainment press during the 1980s. Because of her height, the international press began referring to her as an “Amazon.” In 1985, she made a remark about her height and coined the term “Amazonian” to describe herself. Nielsen piled her money into B-movies and reality shows like The Surreal Life in the 2000s. When she arrived in Hollywood, she quickly found work in the film industry. She rose to prominence in 1985 as a co-star in Red Sonja, followed by a role in Rocky IV with Sylvester Stallone. They married in 1985 but divorced several years later.

Brooke Shields | 6’0″

Brooke Shields began her career as a child actor and model before landing the role of Susan in the NBC blockbuster comedy sitcom Suddenly Susan.Although it’s not surprising that a former supermodel is taller than the average woman, Shields stands out from the crowd, standing between 5’9 and 5’11 feet. She grew to 6’0, but you might be surprised to learn how young she was.

When she filmed The Blue Lagoon at 14, she was already a towering 5’10” and was taller than her co-star Christopher Atkins. Walking the red carpet with Shields was like having the Statue of Liberty standing behind him, according to Atkins. Shields’ love of fashion extends beyond the runway. In recent years, she has created clothing and accessory brands for QVC. And what were her most significant investments? Shoes! Even though she’s six feet tall, the taller the better.

Charlize Theron | 5’10”

Charlize Theron is one of Hollywood’s most adaptable actresses. Throughout her career, she has undergone several transformations, assuming various personas. From Aileen Wuornos in Monster to Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road, Theron has a history of going all-in for specific roles.The actress recently stunned audiences with her uncanny portrayal of Megyn Kelly in the 2019 thriller Bombshell.

Even though it was difficult to tell on screen, Kelly and Theron’s height aided in conveying the transformation to viewers. Yes, in a way. Theron stands about 5 feet 10 inches tall. However, because most viewers are used to seeing Kelly behind a desk or standing alone while presenting, the height disparity was likely to have gone unnoticed — especially since Theron’s transformation into the former Fox News anchor prompted the film’s lawyers to include a disclaimer at the beginning of Bombshell.