Some of the Oddest Skincare Secrets by Celebrities

A big part of the success of many celebrities is their outward appearance. After all, they always face in front of the cameras. If anyone notices something odd in a celebrity’s appearance, it can mean the derailment or even end of a celeb’s career, such as the case of Jennifer Grey during the ’90s. As such, many celebrities have allocated a lot of their earnings as investments in keeping their appearances both youthful and glowing. There are a lot of ways and methods that celebrities employ in order to keep their appearances quite clean. Some opt for typical dermatological procedures or adopt a diet that promotes youthful skin. Others may opt for good-old Botox and other fillers to stiffen their face and prevent sagging.

However, there are those celebs that opted for some of the oddest routines to keep their skin and appearance glowing, which is an unusual investment for them. Such routines are kept secret by them, since it is quite unusual to begin with. Down below, here are some of those odd skincare secrets practiced by various celebrities.

Hailey Baldwin’s Blood-Infused Moisturizer

Yes, you read that right. Supermodel Hailey Baldwin, who is also the wife of Justin Bieber, uses a skincare routine that is straight out of some conspiracy theory. She told Teen Vogue that her routine, which is slathering her MC1 cream on her skin, can be credited to Barbara Strum, who recommended it to her. Her MC1 cream is made with her plasma, which is taken from her blood, and is only produced in Strum’s clinics in Germany. Apparently, plasma has properties that can help regenerate old and damaged skin. So, while the method may work, the thought of it just reinforces some wacky conspiracy theories.

Demi Moore’s Leech Therapy

Aside from diet and exercise, another method that Demi Moore has done to keep her skin glowing is to use leeches. Apparently, leeches have been known to detoxify the blood, which it does by sticking to its host and sucking out the blood. The method alone can turn off a lot of people, given the leech’s nature. Then again, this practice has been known for millennia, with some using leeches to cure various diseases to a degree. Of course, an unpleasant side effect is that the patient may lose a lot of blood thanks to the slimy things sucking it out. Fortunately, it seems that Moore is practicing this therapy safely.

Sandra Bullock’s Preparation H Routine

Whenever someone experiences hemorrhoids, one of the most common prescriptions by their doctor is a cream with phenylephrine, often marketed as Preparation H. While the cream is given credit for giving relief to rear ends of so many people, Sandra Bullock apparently uses the cream to reduce puffy eyes. While the drug in the cream can help in dilating the pupils, for Bullock to use it to keep her eyes fierce and beautiful is certainly odd. Apparently, the cream’s properties to narrow the blood vessels can certainly aid in making the eye area smooth and beautiful.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Bee-Sting Facial

If there is one notable face in the world of alternative medicine, it is Gwyneth Paltrow. Her company, Goop, has been one of her greatest investments, promoting lots and lots of products and ideas to apparently make oneself better. For her, she has adopted a lot of unconventional methods to keep her skin smooth. One of them is a bee-sting facial, which might be contradictory at first glance. Apparently, this procedure can help reduce scarring and inflammation throughout the face.

Cindy Crawford’s DIY Milk Spray

We all have been familiar about the special property of milk in keeping our skin quite young and unblemished. Many royalties have slathered milk on their skins for a long time. So, it is not that surprising that Cindy Crawford has adopted this method to make her skin smooth and ageless. She sprays a mixture of water and milk onto her face throughout the day to keep it moisturized and smooth.

Olivia Munn’s Japanese Potato Diet

While we may know that potatoes are a great way to easily fill our stomachs, Olivia Munn eats a lot of them because they apparently make her skin flawless. According to the actress, she specifically eats Japanese potatoes to help her keep her youthful appearance. Apparently, the potatoes’ hyaluronic acid can be credited for giving the actress unblemished skin.

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