Some Insight From The Stars Themselves: Actors Reveal Their Favorite Experience In The Industry

The film industry has brought to the world plenty of memorable movies. Of course, along with these titles garnering a high degree of love and recognition, even after years since their release, it’s safe to say many of us want to learn more about them. Now, while some are more than fine with learning about several of a movie’s trivia and Easter eggs, others want to dive deeper into the behind-the-scenes side of the filmmaking process.

Suffice to say, much of the information needed is already available with just a click on the internet. For this article, though, we’ll be talking about some interesting things about our favorite movies, only this time they’ll be straight from the actors who worked on them.

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams started her acting career back in 2001. A year later, she made her way to Hollywood, make her debut with a role in The Hot Chick. By 2004, she finally got her big shot to fame when she landed an acting credit in that year’s teen comedy flick Mean Girls. By the looks of it, time hasn’t been enough to erase the Regina George in her. The actress has admitted that pieces of her Mean Girls persona’s habit have stuck with her through the years, including a love for eating butter. Plus, she also got the chance to keep some of her character’s clothes after filming wrapped.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is an actress who undoubtedly has an impressive skill set, allowing her to work in just about any genre. This, of course, includes her endeavors in action-packed movies such as 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road. While her performance as Imperator Furiosa garnered widespread praise, the experience the actress had leading to that success was far from easy. With the film shot on location at the Namibia desert, it’s no secret that Theron and her colleagues had quite an exhausting time throughout production; at one point, she even wondered if this movie will even be successful. Needless to say, it was, and all their investments paid off in the end.

Tom Cruise

Now, while on the topic of action stars, it would be a disservice not to acknowledge what Tom Cruise has contributed to the film industry. Well-known for his fondness of doing his own stunts – a trait that certainly keeps insurance companies on their toes – one of his most notable films would be 1986’s Top Gun. Besides just acting, however, his time working on the action drama feature gave him the chance to fulfill one of his long-time dreams – to fly a jet. Well, along with piloting an F14 Tomcat, this project was also Cruise’s introduction to working as a producer. Plenty of things you could learn both in front and behind the camera.

Emily Blunt

If there’s one thing many of us want, it’s to be worthy of receiving praise from the people we look up to. Well, during the production for 2006’s fashion-driven film The Devil Wears Prada, Emily Blunt achieved precisely that. Now, for her source of inspiration, that credit goes to one of Hollywood’s most recognized actresses, Meryl Streep. For a star of her caliber, it’s no secret that impressing her is no easy task. No wonder Blunt was worried throughout production if she was really good enough. Well, by the time production ended, the Quiet Place actress got her answer: Streep chased after her and told her how great she was.

Emma Stone

Looks like Emma Stone is also going through the same thing Rachel McAdams is experiencing. Ever since her role as Olive Penderghast in Easy A brought her to even higher degrees of popularity, she has worked on even more notable projects. However, they haven’t done much to make her forget her Easy A persona. From time to time, she’d often make suggestions to the filmmakers that will almost always have them decline, like asking if she could break the fourth wall or talk to the camera in one scene. Besides that, the Natasha Bedingfield track Pocket of Sunshine has since been stuck in her head.

Orlando Bloom

If any of us have a fascination for the bow and arrow, perhaps it’s safe to assume that’s because of how cool Legolas was in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies, portrayed by Orlando Bloom. While the trilogies have become one of film industry’s finest works, Bloom wasn’t aware of how big the project was when he landed the part of the graceful, arrow-wielding elf. By the looks of it, though, he credits his being unaware as what helped him provide a great performance.

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