Secrets Revealed by Personal Assistants of Hollywood Stars

We are all familiar with celebrities showing bling, glitz, glamour, and opulence that has defined show business for decades. Yet, behind the shining face of the industry, the world of show business is one that the faint of heart should steer away. Breakdown stories and beefs between celebrities have been quite a common sight in many media articles, yet only few have ever talked about the people working for them behind the scenes. These assistants are pretty much a constant presence in the lives of several celebrities, with their main task being to help in maintaining the celebrities’ flawless image. Often, these people tend to make a great deal of investment to do anything their employer asks, provided that it is within reason.

While hearing such job description can be initially tempting for many, such conditions and realities can dispel such temptations almost immediately. Sometimes, their hard work is not given enough credit, which can greatly affect their performance and can lead to some calling it quits. Yet, some personal assistants have an overall experience that eclipses others. Their insights can be pretty much eye-opening and can give us insights into how these celebs behave and live. Here are some of them:

Kylie Jenner

Like many members of the Jenner-Kardashian family, Kylie Jenner is quite laser-focused when it comes to her daily activities. After all, her lifestyle is what she sells to the general public, which made her one of the richest celebrities in the world. Even then, there are some aspects of hers that can just be outright odd for some.

According to one of her assistants Victoria Gamero, if a straw in a smoothie is either warm or touched, she will not drink it at all. In addition, she said that since she became Jenner’s assistant, she was always on-call 24/7, in addition to her workload for the celeb, which is a dedication to a huge degree.

Christian Bale

Christian Bale is quite popular and beloved thanks to his role as Batman and his charismatic and powerful roles over the years. Yet, his life behind and away from the camera can be quite a contrast. Many may remember his rant during production of Terminator: Salvation back in 2009 after someone walked in front of the camera by mistake while shooting.

As for activities away from the camera, the actor always had several odd things he was made to do, according to his former assistant Harrison Cheung. Among them included taking care of his stray possums, sniffing the actor’s armpits before hitting the red carpet, and making emergency sock runs. In addition, Cheung had an entire book filled with the actor’s complaints in order to have foresight as to what the actor complains about. Talk about an investment for the job, although the armpit-sniffing and the sock runs are just quite too much, if you ask us.

Naomi Campbell

There is no denying that Naomi Campbell is a world-class supermodel, with her status making her one of the most beautiful models in the world. However, her reputation for being quite terrifying to those working for her has been noted over the years, which stands quite contrast to her glowing appearance in front of the cameras. One assistant, Amie Castaldo, experienced the worst brunt of it.

According to her, profanities, assaults, and insults were hurled at her almost constantly. After having enough of her abuse, she left her job. Shortly after that, Castaldo and her lawyer filed a suit against Campbell due to the horrid work experiences Castaldo had.

Angelina Jolie

Being one of the most prominent and influential celebrities out there, Angelina Jolie has been pretty much upfront about her investment in maintaining her public image. Thus, it is no wonder that assistants working for her have been given more work than the usual.

Not only do they have to tend for the famous actress, but they also need to be there almost all the time for the actress. For instance, an assistant had to be with Jolie whenever she watches a movie at her private cinema. When a former assistant was unceremoniously fired after not reporting due to an illness, she and her lawyer sued Jolie for $35 million.

Justin Bieber

While Justin Bieber is famous and beloved for his music, his antics and incidents have molded his career since. Thus, he has developed a reputation for being quite entitled and reckless in public. One instance was when he was touring Australia for his concert. At the time, he and his assistant, Terrence Reche Smalls, were caught for carrying banned substances.

While Bieber got effectively a slap in the wrist as punishment, Smalls had to pay $1,000 and plead guilty to the charges, which is probably a strain on his investment money, effectively making him the fall guy. In addition, Bieber’s preference for male assistants is no coincidence, since he may be tempted and distracted if his assistants are women.

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