Rachel Green in Real Life: Must Knows About Jennifer Aniston

Apart from being one of America’s most beloved actresses, Jennifer Aniston is a notable film producer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Descending from a family who are renowned in the entertainment industry, she had been determined to be an actress since she was a child. However, despite all the efforts she put in (coupled with the degree of her advantage), her success came after six long years of struggling.

Aniston’s career is highlighted with her immense success in the sitcom Friends, where she portrayed Rachel Green, a funny and spirited woman who had trouble treading the waters in New York. Later on, her credits in the movie Good Girl paved the way to subsequent appearances in many hit films.

Outside of the film industry, Aniston had collaborated with Elizabeth Arden Inc and launched her own perfume line named after herself, namely “J by Jennifer Aniston” and “Near Dusk by Jennifer Aniston.” She is also vocal about her stance as a pro-LGBT advocate.

Here are a few things you probably do not know about Jennifer Aniston

Hindered by her parents

Jennifer Aniston’s parents had their fair share of credits in the entertainment industry. Her father, John Aniston, appeared on Days of Our Lives. Nancy Dow, her mother, is most remembered for her roles in television shows such as The Beverly Hillbillies and The Wild Wild West. However, it is worth noting that they discouraged her from becoming an actress.

In an interview, Aniston revealed that her parents attempted to stop her from pursuing acting multiple times. Her father even suggested that she become a lawyer.

Life before acting

After finishing high school, Aniston went on numerous auditions in New York and Los Angeles while being employed in several odd jobs to make ends meet. In a press conference held for her movie Horrible Bosses, wherein she received the credit for playing Julia, the actress disclosed that the toughest job she worked at was as a bike messenger in the bustling streets of New York City – she was 19 years old during that time.

At the time, she was also juggling her shifts to work for an ice cream store and waitressing. The last job she held before becoming an actress was as a telemarketer in Hollywood.

Far from perfect

Aniston is known for having a wonderful outlook on life; she is graceful, knowledgeable, collected, and humble to a degree that it would be probably hard to believe that she wasn’t the most beautiful girl in high school. In an interview, she revisited one of the memories she couldn’t quite easily forget: rocking a goth look. Most of us would probably agree that high school has seen the worst versions of ourselves.

Pre-Friends era

We often remember Aniston for her role in the television series Friends but only the most avid fans are aware of her four minor sitcom credits before she portrayed Rachel; these include Molloy, Ferris Bueller, The Edge, and Muddling Through.

In an interview with Collider, the actress had felt that something big was going her way, that she just needs to be patient.

The best mistake

Aniston’s vast acting knowledge and comic timings almost landed her a role in Saturday Night Live. However, in an interview with Adam Sandler, the actor revealed to Oprah that she turned the offer down to be on Friends.

The actress revealed that she was uneasy with the offer for her role at SNL. Taking a step back was perhaps the best decision she ever made.

The Rachel

In the ’90s, Aniston’s degree of acting was so effective that the haircut she wore on set made it to the real world. “The Rachel” became a trend that a lot of women had their hair styled like Aniston’s character.

On the contrary, despite the massive attention that she got, Aniston did not have the same sentiments as her fans. “It was the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen,” she added.

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