Out and About: 8 A-List Stars and Where They Were Spotted Enjoying a Bite

When we eat out at restaurants, the primary consideration is perhaps the ambience and the menu. We can say that it is the same whenever our favorite celebrities look for a place when it is time for them to chow. This is why when setting up an eatery, businessmen always consider the location first. They might have the needed investment money, a fancy menu and the best service, but if they are located in an inauspicious location, they might not get the clientele they needed.

Why don’t we dive in and discover where the rich and famous A-list crowd is going?

DANIEL RADCLIFFE – BOA Sunset in Los Angeles

Visiting Los Angeles can be a very sensory experience for the Harry Potter star. Apart from going around the streets and exploring various places, he also stopped by BOA Sunset, which is a steakhouse in West Hollywood. He enjoyed an organic petite filet, a jumbo crab cake and a wagyu tri tip carpaccio. Despite being full, he managed to pose for a photo with a young fan on the way out.

LIL NAS X – Mastro’s in Beverly Hills

If you just broke the record for the longest-running number 1 single in the history of Billboard 100, where would you go? Lil Nas X decided that triumph was worth a trip to the Mastro’s and a huge meal. According to the restaurant, the singer, along with 11 executives from Columbia records, ordered lobsters, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and more. Dessert was also equally mouthwatering, with warm butter cake and chocolate strawberries. A win like that deserves a gastronomic reward and credit.

TAYLOR LAUTNER – Pizzeria Portofino in Chicago

Do we take Taylor Lautner for a pizza guy? Given his character in the Twilight saga, we might think of him as a raw meat lover. Well, surprise. To a degree, he is also a person who could not resist pepperoni pizza and garlic lobster. Lautner spent a Saturday in Pizzeria Portofino when the place had just opened. A representative for the restaurant even shared that he ordered espresso caramel gelato for dessert.


What do all these names have in common apart from being loaded with investment money? Well, all of them dined at Lineage Maui, a Hawaiian and Filipino inspired restaurant in Hawaii. Why were they in Hawaii in the first place? This was for the Maui Film Festival, where both Manganiello and Rudd were being honored with awards.

COLIN FARRELL – Rahi in New York City

Indian food is quite known for its strong smell and powerful sauces that can be a turn off for many. Not for Colin Farrell, who not only gobbled up Indian food with gusto, he also managed to take a picture with the staff. They said that he was thoroughly satisfied with the signature chili cheese toast.

KALEY CUOCO – The Polo Bar in New York City

If you ask where Kaley Cuoco would take her family to dinner and you answer “The Cheesecake Factory,” then you are probably a fan of The Big Bang Theory. In real life, however, the actress would bring them to The Polo Bar. In fact, the whole cast of TBBT got to dine there ahead of the show’s finale. They were probably given praise and credit for their excellent work.

LEBRON JAMES – Katsuya in Los Angeles

One thing is sure about basketball stars, they have a huge appetite. When that appetite needs satisfaction, Lebron James would take his wife to Katsuya in Los Angeles. The couple, at one time, ordered The King XXIII Roll, Katsuya’s dynamite hand roll among others. It is also part of their charity work as every king roll sold, the couple would donate $1 to a school in Ohio. Their financial advisor would approve of this wise and philanthropic use of their money.

GIGI HADID – L’Avenue in New York City

Curious about what models eat? Well, they do eat a lot. When Gigi Hadid celebrated her 24th birthday, she spent a good sum of her investment money on L’Avenue. Her celebrity friends, like Taylor Swift, mother Yolanda, sister Bella, and others, were in attendance. They even set a theme, denim and boots, and everyone was happy to comply.

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