How Celebs Get Their Bodies Ready For Award Shows

In Hollywood, an award show is an event of culmination where actors, directors, and producers alike are all recognized for their performances and contributions to the entertainment industry. With that said, a great number of celebrities gather together to celebrate each other’s feats, and with so many stars among the crowd, each celebrity plans ahead and finds ways how to shine even more than the rest, even to the point of assembling a team of specialists and employing the services of a big fashion house just to make a style statement at the event.

Well, these celebrities have a point anyway. Who wouldn’t want to look their best, coupled with a touch of uniqueness, when the award show is watched by millions of people from all around the world? Besides, they’re celebrities, for crying out loud. People are expecting them to look amazing! So, they pour investment on haute couture and not leave anything to chance, as well as begin to work out in their private gyms to achieve a sexier figure.

Keep reading to find out more about how celebrities prepare their bodies for an award show.


As the award show is nearing, celebrities scramble to slim down to fit their outfit. Typically, celebrities need about four weeks to achieve an optimum result based on nutrition and fitness specialists’ assessments. Also, spikes in meal-delivery services, like Sakara, which delivers ready-to-eat and vegetarian meals to celebrities, like Gwyneth Paltrow and Chrissy Tiegen, are usually high during award seasons—great investment planning. The company has a four-week meal program that is designed to yield maximum beauty benefits of a plant-based diet, resulting in vibrant skin and hair, leaner shape, and the energy to power through the busy season.


If Botox or fillers are all part of a star’s beauty plan, then it would take about a month of lead time, according to a facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California. For those treatments to properly kick in and settle, it usually needs about three to four weeks. Other celebrities, however, would choose a natural approach to achieving healthy skin by exercising, healthy eating, and adequate sleep, along with drinking lots of water.


According to Hollywood stylist Tara Swennen, outfits are the first thing chosen and put on lastly. She typically selects the tux or dress that determines the celebrity’s whole red-carpet vibe to a considerable degree following the announcement of a nomination or even earlier when the star is a shoo-in. Her choices are all based on the celebrity’s personal style and body shape.


According to Michael Schaun Corgy of Living Proof, a blog for hair tips, a cut three weeks in advance, as well as a color treatment three days before the event, is recommended. Hair doesn’t need too much advance preparation. During the process leading to the big event, he consults with the wardrobe stylist about the celebrity’s overall look, and he then spends an hour or two to accomplish the style. But again, it all depends on the dress.


In essence, healthy skin is vital for a flawless look, resulting in lesser makeup usage. According to a makeup artist, since celebrities are photographed from every angle during the event, powder and foundation are extended down the neck décolletage to achieve an even-toned appearance, which also adds shimmer to exposed collarbones and shoulders. For Emmy-winning makeup artist Mark Payne, he opts for a more neutral makeup that will suit the image of the celebrity. Although the star’s red-carpet look is determined by her dress, it could be changed at the last minute.

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