Hey, Guess What? Here Are Some Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Celebrities

In the world of technology, one of the most notable investments would undoubtedly be the creation of the internet. Along with providing a better way of communicating with people from different corners of the world, the internet has also given us a more convenient way to access information. Of course, everyone has their own topic of interest they like to research, and one subject would certainly be news relating to celebrities.

With all these snippets of information talking about celebrities, it’s safe to say many of us now believe we know just about everything there is to know about them. Well, here’s hoping this article can still surprise you with a couple more. Now, with that out of the way, here are some fun facts revolving around the entertainment industry’s star-studded figures.

Hollywood’s Tallest Actress

Height is probably the one thing we usually ignore when we see our favorite stars in movies and shows. We usually just notice how tall they are in relation to their colleagues, but not precisely their height measurement. Well, among Hollywood’s actresses, the one that takes credit for being the tallest among the bunch would be Gwendoline Christie. Beginning her career under the spotlight around 2006, she is now most recognized for her stint as Brienne of Tarth in fantasy series Game of Thrones. Now, how tall is she, you ask? Well, she’s 6′ 3″.

Iconic Action Star Jackie Chan Covers His And His Stunt Team’s Medical Bills

You can’t have an action movie without intense sequences and set pieces. It’s like a car having no engine. With that said, one such celebrity that has become a worldwide sensation in the genre would undoubtedly be Jackie Chan. Along with starring in movies, he is also regarded for his preference for doing his own stunts, which can be quite dangerous, of course, and because of this, insurance companies often decline to provide their services to the Shanghai Noon star and his stunt team, resulting in Chan paying for any of their medical bills out of his own pocket.

Emma Watson’s Artistic Hobby

Besides action-packed films, the fantasy genre has also had plenty of notable titles through the years. One such example would be the Harry Potter movies. Along with its eight installments becoming a piece of pop culture, the eight-film series’ cast has also received a soaring degree of popularity since then. This, of course, includes Emma Watson, who is well-known for playing Hermione Granger. Now, although she’s still quite active in the acting business, the actress also has another hobby: creating beautiful pieces of art. Among the artworks she has made in her pastime, though, the most eye-catching one would certainly be the self-portrait of her aiming a camera at the beholder.

Sandra Bullock Has The Best Of Both Worlds – Sort Of

Sandra Bullock is an actress that has starred in plenty of memorable movies, including Speed, Miss Congeniality, and Gravity. Of course, that doesn’t mean she’s immune to a couple of hubbubs here and there. In 2010, Bullock took credit for achieving something pretty impressive in its own right. That weekend, she received an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in the biographical drama The Blind Side. The night prior, however, she also won a Razzie for Worst Actress for her work in the comedy flick All About Steve, making her the first actress to receive both an Oscar and a Razzie in the same year – let alone the same weekend.

Chris Pratt Once Had A Famous Pet Cat

For his first big shot to fame in the entertainment industry, Chris Pratt landed the role of Andy Dwyer in the sitcom Parks and Recreation. A few years later, though, he garnered a skyrocketing degree of popularity when he landed the part of Star-Lord in the Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy. While working in projects like these allowed him to collaborate with many of his colleagues, he once also had a celebrity living in his house. Pratt once had an adorable cat named Mrs. White, who just so happened to also be Snowball, the cat in 1999’s Stuart Little.

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