Everyone Has To Start Somewhere: The Movies That Brought These Actors To Fame

Whenever we ask someone to name some of the entertainment industry’s most well-known actors, it’s safe to say they’ll all have their own list of stars. Through the years, the spotlight has shone its bright light on many talented actors. Now, of course, like many things, their journey to stardom has to start somewhere.

Well, for this article, we’ll be talking about the projects that brought these figures to even greater degrees of popularity. The start is often one of the hardest parts of an adventure, so these actors deserve all the love they got for all the hard work and determination they gave to their work. Now, then, let’s get on with it, shall we?

Al Pacino

Just about everyone has heard of Al Pacino at this point, even people who haven’t even watched at least one of his movies. With his first acting credits hailing from the theater scene, the actor eventually made his way to the film business, with his debut lead performance in The Panic in Needle Park causing quite a buzz, ultimately landing the role of Michael Corleone in The Godfather. However, studio executives were still unhappy with his work in the crime epic that they even suggested firing him after just two weeks into production. With director Francis Ford Coppola’s support, though, Pacino got to showcase his skills, and since then, his portrayal as Michael Corleone has received universal acclaim.

Marlon Brando

Although most of us now know Marlon Brando best for his performance as Vito Corleone in The Godfather, his rise to fame came years before he landed the part in the widely-acclaimed crime epic. Like many of his colleagues, Brando began as a stage actor, with one of his notable roles in the theater scene being Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire. After some time, the actor had the chance to reprise the part, this time, however, it was for a film adaptation. Well, to this day, long-time fans of the actor credit this as one of – if not – his finest works in the film industry.

Clint Eastwood

During one particular day, Clint Eastwood felt real lucky. Thanks to an acquaintance who worked in the film business, he found his way into the acting scene. It undoubtedly took a while before he finally polished his acting chops, but that didn’t stop him. After his stint on the TV series Rawhide, Eastwood gained even more popularity as the Man with No Name in the Dollars Trilogy. Since then, along with his acting career, Eastwood has also garnered recognition for his behind-the-scenes investments, notably as a director.

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett has undoubtedly had an impressive run in the entertainment industry, and by the looks of it, she is still far from running out of gas. Garnering widespread recognition from projects such as Thor: Ragnarok, the Lord of the Rings movies, and winning awards for her performance in The Aviator and Blue Jasmine, fans of this talented actress still consider her work as the titular lead back in 1998’s Elizabeth as one of her finest endeavors. For one, it was the film that brought her to international acclaim, and the director was well aware of that even during the movie’s production stage.

Mel Gibson

Sometimes, good things come to you in the most unexpected ways. Well, to some degree, such was also the case for Mel Gibson when he was still making his way to stardom. When George Miller was still looking for actors for his 1979 hit Mad Max, Mel Gibson went to the auditions. The thing was, he still had a few visible bruises around his face due to a previous encounter. Turns out, it was that battered look that the director wanted, which ultimately led to Gibson landing his big break, starring as Max Rockatansky.

Hugh Jackman

It’s no secret that Hugh Jackman has since garnered a skyrocketing degree of praise and recognition from millions of fans around the world, especially from the comic book community. Now, the interesting part here is that he was so close to not landing the role he’s now arguably most known for. Dougray Scott was initially slated to portray the now-beloved character Wolverine for the first X-Men movie. Due to his commitment to Mission: Impossible II, however, he had to back out from the comic book film at the last minute, giving Jackman the opportunity he needed. Now, we can’t think of anyone else portraying the Wolverine.

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