6 Friends Cast Members Bare their Favorite Episodes of All Time

You know that a TV series is good if years after it has ended, people still talk about it, which is the case with Friends. It seems that those who watched it from 1994 to 2004 still could not get over the series and even asked that the cast do a reunion. They willingly did that and the reception was simply overwhelming. Its cast, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer, to a degree, has made a mark in everyone’s life while showing us theirs in that little cafe.

When Friends was being developed, it was actually titled Insomnia Cafe, but after several rounds of pitching to producers, they eventually agreed on Friends. The series really revolves around these six friends, primarily Rachel Green who fled her wedding day and then looks for her friend Monica Geller. Rachel decides to become a waitress at a coffee house, leaving that life of wealth and investment money, so that she could live a more fulfilling one.

In an interview, all six cast members shared that whenever they see a part of the 236-episode show, they would normally remember details of that particular scene and laugh about it. They even enjoy a guffaw or two, when they see their own bloopers. Now it is time to learn what episode each of them liked.

Lisa Kudrow – “The One with the Halloween Party”

For the two-time SAG winner, the best one is from Season 8 of the show, “The One with the Halloween Party,” She provided two reasons why this was so, and the first is that Sean Penn appeared in this episode. The second is that this was the episode they shot right after 9/11, right at the time when people were feeling the effects of the tragedy. She recalled that whenever she walks around in Los Angeles, people would thank her for making them laugh despite those difficult times in history.

Jennifer Aniston – “The One With the Prom Video”

Who does not love flashbacks, right? Jennifer Aniston also loves episodes with flashbacks, in particular, “The One With the Prom Video.” She would laugh whenever they go back to Rachel before her nose job and the fatter and fuller Monica. We do credit them for being flexible as shooting flashbacks can be very difficult for everyone.

Courteney Cox – “The One With the Blackout”

In this episode, the whole city loses its supply of electricity and plunges everything into darkness. It was also the time when they convinced Ross to confess his feelings to Rachel, but at that moment, a cat attacked him. Courteney Cox finds that particular scene funny. Other people would also remember this episode as this is where the term “friend zone” was coined.

Matthew Perry – “The One with Ross’ New Girlfriend”

In an interview on Good Morning America back in 2017, Matthew Perry shared that he particularly remembers the scene where Joey tells Chandler to go to his tailor. He later reveals a rather awkward encounter with the tailor. It was also in this episode when Rachel was ready to confess her feelings to Ross, but he now has a new girlfriend. Rachel realized that Ross was happy with Julie, the new girlfriend. Meanwhile, despite the many investments they had in the relationship, Rachel and Paolo were not going back with each other.

David Schwimmer – “The One With the Holiday Armadillo”

Understandably, David Schwimmer also liked “The One With the Blackout,” because his character was at the crux of something important in this particular episode. On a more personal level, however, Schwimmer liked “The One With the Holiday Armadillo” where he dressed up as an Armadillo instead of Santa so that he could teach his son about Hanukkah. The actor said one day he would show that episode to his daughter. Well, credit goes to him for being open about various cultures.

Matt LeBlanc – “The Last One”

To every beginning, there is an end. This is true for everything and perhaps to a degree, this did influence Matt LeBlanc’s choice of a favorite episode. He simply loves the last episode for its sentimental value. For him, it was the greatest gig ever and while it might have come to an end, it still left a legacy that people will still talk about in the future.

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