10 Amazing Celebrity Memoirs Worthy of Adding to Your Library

There is no question that celebrities live extraordinary lives. They thrive under the limelight and earn their millions while garnering both the love and affection of fans worldwide. However, how much do they truly reveal about themselves?

These celebrities credit their publicity teams who mold personas that fit their brand. Fortunately, some of them choose to reveal certain aspects about their careers through publishing memoirs and autobiographies.

Here are some of the best celebrity memoirs that are worth adding to your library.

Ruth Reichl – Save Me the Plums

Ruth Reichle spent a lifetime of investments to commit her career to food culture. She was a producer of PBS’s Gourmet’s Diary of a Foodie and tenured as the Editor-in-Chief of Gourmet magazine. Save Me the Plums is her New York Times Best Selling memoir of the ever-changing food scene and her experiences as a renowned critic.

Tina Brown – The Vanity Fair Diaries

Tina Brown is an esteemed journalist and popularly served as the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Vanity Fair. This book recounts her experiences working for the British magazine and helped build its reputation during the ’80s. It is an amazing behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of one of the best magazines in history.

Mindy Kaling – Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

Mindy Kaling is credited as the youngest writer on the staff of the popular American sitcom The Office. However, her rise to fortune and fame as an actress, director, writer, and comedian wasn’t an easy one. Her best-selling memoir of 2011 recounts her journey to the top as a bookish child of immigrants.

Jessica Simpson – Open Book

This next one is highly recommended for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of the reality star or not, this memoir is funny, honest, and reveals an intimate side to Jessica Simpson. She candidly discusses her experiences as a celebrity and the hardships she experienced, especially the harsh comparisons she received with her counterparts, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears.

Megan Rapinoe – One Life

Megan Rapinoe is one of the top female soccer players in history. She is a two-time Women’s World Cup Champion and an Olympic medalist. However, she is also credited for being an outspoken activist for social justice and equality. Her memoir recounts her experiences as she publicly came out as gay back in 2011, when inclusivity in sports wasn’t as prioritized.

Andre Agassi – Open

Andre Agassi is probably among the best tennis players of his generation. However, he is undoubtedly the flashiest and most controversial of them all. His memoir, Open, recounts his experiences to stardom and how he was forced into a life of a tennis athlete by his father. It is also a book about his late-career resurgence and his family.

Michelle Obama – Becoming

Becoming the first African-American First Lady can only be credited to Michelle Obama. However, she is also a talented writer, and her memoir is proof of this. It is endlessly entertaining, and by the end of it, readers will surely feel closer to her, as she shares some of the most intimate details of her life.

Keith Richards – Life

Rock and roll memoirs are nothing new, and Life by Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is surely among the best of the genre. It is straightforward, honest, and at times, heartfelt, as the rockstar recounts his journey through the industry.

Tina Fey – Bossypants

Tina Fey is hands down one of the best comedians to come out of Saturday Night Live, and her 2011 memoir shares her behind-the-scenes experiences on the sketch show. It is witty, funny, and filled with her signature self-deprecating humor.

Barack Obama – Dreams from My Father

As we know, Barack Obama is credited as the first black American president, and if you want to know more about his upbringing in Kansas and Hawaii, his 1995 memoir is a must-read. It includes his experiences during his formative years as a student and shares some intimate details about his distant relationship with his father.

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